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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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The GEO’s last two rallies before the strike will be this Thursday at locations in Springfield and the Urbana campus. The first rally will be the Board of Trustees meeting in Springfield. The Board of Trustees ultimately signs off on the GEO contract, and they have new members (since the clout scandal resignations) who may be swayed to put pressure on the University’s administration. The GEO will be joined by union members from the Springfield campus and other allied groups. The GEO encourages supporters to attend and has arranged transportation for the event. Email if you’re interested. More details will be forwarded to you.

Coincident with the Board of Trustees meeting, there will be a UIUC campus rally at 12pm on the quad near the Illini Union. If you can’t make it to Springfield, this is a perfect opportunity for you to show your support for the GEO.

Contrary to misleading statements made in the email sent out by the Office of the Provost, the University of Illinois administration wants graduate employees to accept furloughs, payment-in-kind, and un-secured tuition waivers in their contract. Those issues are what the impending GEO strike is about.

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Jaybriel said...

Is in-kind compensation still on the table? I had heard that the administration had let go of that line of negotiation.

Anonymous said...

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Mr. Boss
With your nice white trousers
Pay up
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So that we can go home!

(Rice weeders song)

Rich said...

Yes, in kind compensation is now off the table. As of nov. 11, we are negotiating wages, waivers, furloughs, and scope of agreement.

Rallies tomorrow!!

Geo communications committee

Jess said...

"The lesson here is that the truly subversive thing is not to insist on ‘infinite’ demands we know those in power cannot fulfil. Since they know that we know it, such an ‘infinitely demanding’ attitude presents no problem for those in power: ‘So wonderful that, with your critical demands, you remind us what kind of world we would all like to live in. Unfortunately, we live in the real world, where we have to make do with what is possible.’ The thing to do is, on the contrary, to bombard those in power with strategically well-selected, precise, finite demands, which can’t be met with the same excuse." -- Zizek (Nov. 15 2007 issue of London Review of Books)