Photos from BIOS: Life, Death, Politics, 4/30 - 5/1/2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Priscilla Wald (Duke) opens the conference with her keynote address, "Human Being After Genocide: Cells, Genes, and Stories."

April 30 - May 1, 2010

Timothy Campbell (left) and Cesare Casarino (below) follow with a panel addressing Tekhne and the Life-Image, respectively.

Neni Panourgia (Columbia), Baris Karaagac (York), and Elizabeth Dauphinee (York)consider comments from the audience during the second panel.

The first day concludes with a keynote by Paul Kahn (right) on the distinction between criminal and enemy.

The second day opens with a keynote
address by Paul Rabinow (left).

Susan Greenhalgh (UC, Irvine), Sharad Chari (London School of Economics), and Jonathan Inda (Illinois) present papers on the obesity 'epidemic', the remains of apartheid in South Africa, and the intersection of race and the pharmaceutical industry.

Right: Cesare Casarino poses a question to the panel.

Above Left: The conference concludes with a roundtable featuring short presentations by (pictured left to right) Emanuel Rota, Gilberto Rosas, A. Naomi Paik, and Jennifer Baldwin.


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Markus said...

Will there be any video/audio from the conference available on the web?

Unit for Criticism said...

Sorry Markus, at this point we are sticking with blogging only. We still have many speakers/audience members who aren't comfortable with the idea of live proceedings on the web. Perhaps in the future. But we have additional blogs on the horizon one of which will be posted this evening. So please join the discussion in that way if you can.

Markus said...

I understand. It's just that when you promote your conference so well your readers (like me) want more, like audio/video.

Lauren said...

Thanks for understanding, Markus. I hope you can join us for live audio/video soon.