Photos from Freedom and Its Discontents, 4/28-29, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

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Photos from Freedom and Its Discontents: April 28-29, 2011

Audrey Kobayashi gives the first keynote lecture, "Connecting Freedom and Responsibility: Activist Scholarship and Geopolitcs."

Colin Flint (right) moderates the question and answer session following Kobayashi's lecture.

Jo-Marie Burt speaking on "Punishing War Crimes in Latin America"

Elena Delgado (left) moderates the question and answer session following Elaine Hadley's (center) and Burt's panel presentations.

Abdi Samatar speaking on "The Dialectic of Piracy in Somalia"

Jesse Ribot (right) moderates the question and answer session following David M. Hughes's (left) and Samatar's panel presentations.

Svetlana Boym during Thursday's keynote lecture on "Freedom and the Arts of Dissent"

Linda Zerilli gives the last keynote address, speaking on "Political Freedom, Value Pluralism, and the Problem of Judgment"

Jason Finkelman and Yosef Ben Israel provide an improvised musical performance reflective of their backgrounds in avant-world music and jazz traditions.

During the third panel, Scott Kurashige (left) and Cris Mayo (right) speak about the "American Dream" in Detroit and queer student associations in high schools, respectively.

The conference concludes with a closing roundtable featuring short presentations by (from left to right) Hina Nazar, Jennifer Monson, Chris Higgins, and Sally Perret

The audience responds with its own vigorous "roundtable" discussion.


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