The Ends of History: Unit for Criticism-related special issue in Victorian Studies

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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In February 2012, the Unit for Criticism & Interpretive Theory and the Trowbridge Office on American Literature, Culture, & Society co-organized a winter symposium, The Ends of History. The Unit for Criticism is delighted to announce that a related publication--a 2013 special issue of Victorian Studies, also called The Ends of History--has just come out. Although the line-up is somewhat different than that for the symposium, the conversation is very much inspired by what took place here in Urbana in 2012.
The special issue features an article co-written by symposium panelist Rachel Buurma (Swarthmore) as well as an introduction co-written by Lauren M.E. Goodlad and Andrew Sartori (NYU). The essay, "Marx contra Latour," by anthropologist Hylton Whyte (Witwatersrand) should be of interest to scholars working in critical theory in any discipline, field, or period. Scholars in literature may also be interested in "From Nation to Network" by Caroline Levine (Wisconsin) as well as the afterword by Catherine Gallagher (Berkeley). Finally, Eliot scholars may find much of interest in reflections on the debate from grad student Ariana Reilly (Princeton).

For those of you not familiar with Victorian Studies, it is easily accessible via the library's subscription to Project Muse.

Although this special issue is best described as an offshoot rather than a publication from the Unit for Criticism's event per se, we are always truly delighted to advance the Unit's 25-year long history of turning campus events into published research.

The Unit for Criticism would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the campus event, including co-organizer Gordon Hutner, all of our great introducers and moderators, and roundtablers Jodi Byrd, Justine Murison, and Mark Steinberg.


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